Femme Nouveau (pronounced femm noo-voh) is inspired by the French phrase for new woman.

the Femme Nouveau has mastered the art of living in her work, play, and love.

Art is considered to be the expression of creative skill and imagination. To treat your life as art would be to imagine a life that pushes beyond your current reality, then do everything possible to create it. This where design thinking comes into play.

Design thinking is used by designers and companies (like Apple) to solve problems. The idea is that you come up with a design (or lifestyle) that focuses on the solution and not the problem.  A design mindset is solution focused towards creating a preferred future. Design Thinking uses logic, imagination, and intuition to explore the possibilities of what could be, to create a desired outcome—a life that is completely designed by you.

Femme Nouveau offers a unique lifestyle consulting that will help you design the life you've imagined, from career planning and personal branding, to events and booking travel.