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Femme Nouveau (fem nu-vo). She masters the art of living in her work, play and love. 

Femme Nouveau is a digital lifestyle magazine that offers practical lifestyle solutions for millennial women through work, play, and love. We're sharing stories about travel, style, careers, and relationships from women across the globe who explore what it's like to be a woman. 

message from the editor

June 2018

I started Femme Nouveau back in 2016 as a way to just get my thoughts out about that weird period of going from your 20s to 30s. It was like no matter who I spoke to, we all kinda felt like we were going through this process where growing up felt more like growing pains at times. 

There's something so defining about your 20s and 30s that's actually pretty dope, though.  It's always hard trying to find yourself but getting it and thriving is EVERYTHING.


And we all go through it. Men and women. But we ladies, femmes, millennial women, have a something untapped. We have a story that hasn't been told and that's what I want Femme Nouveau to do. And if you know me, you know I love to tell a good story.