JetSet: Amsterdam 2016

Amsterdam has to be the most well-designed city I've ever been to. Not only is it absolutely beautiful but the infrastructure of the city is evident from the minute you arrive. After spending a few days in Paris, the hubby and I caught an early morning Thalys train from Paris to Amsterdam. For 35 euros and a scenic 3 hour journey, we were headed to the Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) and let me tell you. It was magical. 

We traveled around on bus and Uber for majority of our time in Amsterdam, and I highly suggest taking a canal ride through the city. The views are spectacular, and it's an easy way to quickly get a tour of the entire city. Also, they say there are more bikes than there are people in Amsterdam, and lowkey it was intimidating. But even if you're a little skeptical about your cycling skills, the city is easy to navigate. You can Uber and walk everywhere. The Uber drivers we met gave us the best suggestions on food and things to do, so if you ever have a chance to visit, don't be afraid to ask.

The Amsterdam Dance Event made the city very crowded.  By that I mean 350,000 more people than normal. Even with the crowds, I'm glad I had a chance to go to a few of the events because I love to dance. And I love House music. We went to AIR Amsterdam for All Gone Pete Tong and DGTL x Paradise at NDSM Docklands.  We came in at almost 7am everyday there, which meant we barely got a chance to sight-see, but #YOLO. I'll be back.

Lisa xx