FMNV Eats: Tuning Fork LA

One thing you must know about me is that I LOVE TO EAT. Let me give you some backstory here. Growing up, everyone used to say about my family, "those Pallay's can EAT". Granted they were probs talking about my parents at the time 😒  but I think I've inherited the eating too damn much gene.😫 

As an MPH and Nutritionist, my approach to health is eating a well balanced diet. In other words, I make half my plate fruits and vegetables, eat only whole grains, and only lean meats when I choose to eat meat (shoutout to Day One). That's not to say I'm perfect at this, because you know from my last post I wasn't even getting enough iron to save my life! But I do enjoy a burger or a good meal on the weekends. What's worked for me is to save my cheat meals for the weekend.

Speaking of burgers, the best burger I've had in The Valley is at a spot called Tuning Fork. I pretty much always get the TF Burger, which has marmalade onions, vine tomatoes, red leaf, horseradish aioli, and a toasted french roll. Ehi always gets the spiciest burger on the menu , which is the Light My Fire burger, a house favorite.

Photocredit: Tuning Fork

Photocredit: Tuning Fork

I love coming here on Sundays with bae. I usually order the bottomless mimosas because, why not? Myy favorite server, John, recommended we try the Key Lime pie dessert. It's everything I've always wanted Key Lime Pie to be. Honestly. I don't really like any lemon or lime dessert, but this? Fire.

Photo:  @v  ividscape

If you come for Sunday brunch, sit near the window and enjoy!

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