5 Reasons to Love Your 30s

Ok, Femmes. Let’s talk about turning 30.

Over the past year, most of the women in my circle have either turned 30 or are getting close to that over-the-hill, not a kid no mo’ age. *cries thug tears* I’d say around 28 I started to go through “the change” and, yea, okayyy, “the change” usually refers to menopause but I swear turning 30 is the change more people should talk about. I wrote about how this felt at 28 and 29 here.

If you really think about it, by the time you hit 30, you’re still at the point where you’ve been a “kid” longer than you’ve actually been an adult. Crazy! It’s at this point you start to think, have I actually been adulting? Am I going the right direction in my life? And where is bae? Am I loved? Do I contribute my best to the world? Aren’t I supposed to be buying a house? What is life?!

Well, please don't get overwhelmed about turning 30, boo! Oprah was in her thirties when her career took off. Beyonce gave us Lemonade at 35.  Rihanna also just turned 30. And even she said it- the 30s are gonna be her favorite era! So to make you feel better about getting older, here's a quick video on the 5 reasons why your 30s are better than your 20s, plus some great advice from a few friends!