Femme Friday | DJ Career Tips with DJ Double Vision

Happy Femme Friday!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a Trap Meditation event in Downtown LA. To my surprise, it was way better than I imagined. I've never meditated to trap music before (I mean, is that even possible?) and I definitely didn't know what to expect. But as always, I'm down for an adventure so I gladly went and brought my friend Joanna along with me.

It was perfect. We didn't meditate to trap music, but trap vibes were moving through the air as our yoga instructor Kiara got us ready to dive deep into our yoga flow. I couldn't help but notice the two beautiful ladies spinning at the DJ table, as they kept the energy in the room at a perfect tempo the entire event. They had such a great energy, so of course I had to bring them straight to you for Femme Friday. I'm always impressed by young women out here gettin' it!

This week, we're bringing you 5 minutes with Nicole + Rae of DJ Double Vision. The DJ duo talks moving to LA from Chicago, trap music and meditation, and how they went from fashion to a career in DJing right here in LA.