The LA food scene is like no other. We have a melting pot of cultures here, so you should never find yourself stuck eating the same thing twice. Unless of course you like being a creature of habit, then by all means, do you boo.

Usually, when I try to find somewhere to eat, I go through my usual, kinda self-absorbed round of self-talk. Lisa, do you wanna be glam tonight? Do you want to be more low key and just eat all the food? Do you want to be surrounded by ‘Hollywood’? (Usually not, unless I’m working) And is this place Instagrammable? Yes, that is a real question for real 1st world human beings. Anyway, I usually end up at the place that has the best food because, who am I kidding, the food will sort of always be most important, especially when it's date night. My hubby really can care less about the Instagrammability of an establishment and will side eye me if he orders a steak and there are three tiny pieces staring back at him. 🙄 

Well, we were in the mood for an Anthony Bourdain, eat around the world kind of night, so we ended up at Merkato Ehtiopian Restaurant. I'm always happy to find a family style restaurant that offers great food and a traditional experience, including eating with your hands. The food was AMAZING. I've been to other Ethiopian restaraunts and this one, by far, had the best food. The injera (sourdough flatbread used to eat Ethiopian dishes) was perfectly flavored and fluffy, and the sourdough taste was well-balanced and not overpowering. And the flavor of the veggies and meat! So good. And they are 🚨OPEN UNTIL 2AM🚨 for late night munchies. 

Anyway, if you're down for something new, definitely visit the Fairfax area "Little Ethiopia" to try out Merkato, then walk off the food along Fairfax with some window shopping and sight seeing.