Updates, Travel Tips, and Fall Resolutions!

Happy Friday loves! I've been MIA for a bit since I've been traveling, and I came back home with the flu and the passing of my grandpa. It's been a rough few weeks but I am feeling so positive and grateful for this last quarter of the year. This actually might be my favorite time of year! I usually start setting my New Year "resolutions" in October, using the last quarter of the year to prep for the following year. I want to hit January 1st on the ground running.

This year has been all about self-discovery. I shared about this a few weeks ago in my post titled 29, and now that I've "found myself", I am determined to practice discipline and creating the life of my dreams. As a new entrepreneur, my go-to person for advice and tips is the owner of Curlbox, Myleik Teele. She is a phenomenal person, and is in her mid-thirties with a seriously bangin' business! She has a journal called the Hustler Manifesto that I highly recommend for those looking for guidance in being disciplined and mastering the art of the hustle!

I thought I would also share some of the travel tips and tricks that I've used over the years, because as much as I love to travel, I also like to save money where I can!  In the past few years, I've been able to travel to London, Paris, Tokyo, Okinawa, Belize, and Guatemala. I'll definitely share those experiences with you guys soon! 

At a maid cafe called Maidreamin in Shinjuku, Tokyo

At a maid cafe called Maidreamin in Shinjuku, Tokyo

1. Do you know a friend who lives abroad? Travel there first! I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Tokyo and Okinawa (Japan), and much of it was thanks to my best friend Brittany and her husband Junior, who were living in Okinawa on military duty. My hubby and I got to stay with our friends during most of the trip, and they were the best tour guides of all the of the cities we visited.

2. Use Google Flights! Google flights is, so far, the best way to find cheap flights around the world! I usually choose a destination, then search the 8-month calendar for cheapest flights. I've even read of finding roundtrip flights to Europe for $175!

3. Book accommodations with AirBnB. How does $68/night for a two bedroom apartment in Central London sound? That's what I paid in December 2013. What I love about AirBnB is that you get to feel like you're living in the country, you support locals by renting their property, and you will always get a room within your budget. Even if you want to spend $1000 a night with AirBnB, they've got properties to suit your taste. Use my code for $40 in travel credit! 

Stay tuned for pictures and reviews of my recent trip to Europe!