Now Playing: A Seat At The Table

I've been waiting all week to post this Tunesday selection. You know it has to go to my girl, Solange and her "A Seat At The Table" album that dropped on Friday. I've listened every day since. You might want to bless your ears with the album if you haven't already!

Every song intimately speaks to my life as a black millennial woman. This album is the answer I needed this year. From being tired of explaining, having the right to be mad, and trying run away, to having to say Don't Touch My Hair and taking an intermission... It's nice to know I'm not alone

Not only does she masterfully narrate her experiences through her lyrics, the visuals are incredible! She and her husband partnered to bring her vision to life. Talk about #relationshipgoals. It's comforting to experience her evolution as I'm going through my own. Identity is so important and she makes it clear that coming into your own has to be authentic, and you have to be unafraid and unapologetic about who you are.

"I think when you’re Black in this country, so much of you has to be hidden so that you can survive. You have to remember who you are when you get home, unpack and take off your clothes to get ready for bed. You have to remember that the parts that you keep hidden from yourself and the things that keep you up at night are not who you are. They’re done explicitly so that they get you off of the table and you never get back." Read more here.