Femme Nouveau to Launch New Magazine

In the last few years, I've changed a lot. And to be real, who hasn't. That's literally what growing up is about. I wrote about my late twenties and this crazy year on my last birthday post, and I've realized that the most rewarding part of this has been sharing with you. What I love is that no matter who I share with, our journeys parallel in ways I can't explain. 

This brings me to the exciting news for Femme Nouveau. Today is the introduction of Femme Nouveau (FMNV) Magazine, a digital wellness magazine. FMNV curates content and lifestyle solutions by using the design thinking model for balance in work, play, and love.

The new FMNV consulting service is the product of many years of planning, recommending, and being the "go-to" person. FMNV Consulting offers a range of lifestyle services, including career planning, event planning, booking travel and local recommendations. This service also connects clients with local advocacy and activism opportunities.

I'm excited for this new phase and I'm grateful that so many of you have taken this journey with me, and really that you guys trust me. I'm know that what we share here at FMNV Magazine will inspire you and connect you to living a vibrantly designed life.

I'll be curating a list of monthly features, so make sure to contact me for a chance to collaborate.

Top and Skirt:  Lotuz  // Jacket: Zara // Hair by  Tamieko Foster

Top and Skirt: Lotuz // Jacket: Zara // Hair by Tamieko Foster