Now Playing: Tiffany Gouché

After listening to Tiffany Gouché's Fantasy EP (2014) and Pillow Talk EP (2015), I can say that R&B has been redeemed. Not that there haven't been any good R&B albums lately, but the R&B scene isn't what it used to be in the 90s. Of course, that's what the old heads say about R&B before the 90s, too. But you know that goes.

Anyway, it was one of those days when I needed to hear those soulful vibes unique to R&B, and the Spotify Daily Mix actually got it right! To be fair, I hadn't taken advantage of the Discover Weekly Mix or "specially curated" music from Spotify because, well, I didn't believe their algorithms could really get me. You know, I'm complex. 

Tiffany Gouché hails from Inglewood, CA and is known for her sultry vocals, sensual lyrics, and multi-instrumental skills. You can check her out this Saturday in LA at the Teragram! Buy tickets here. Happy listening!